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Deutschen Mechanikers 5 DE

Portable typewriter DM5 («Deutschen Mechanikers») is product of AEG concern. It is analog of Olympia - Filia, economy class model. No chrome parts. Some parts are made of zinced steel. It has carry case. Only one-colored print. This typewriter is simple in maintenance and repairing. No drum with the clock spring for step-to-step carriage moving. Instead of it - long spring, which makes moving of carriage very tough. When typing - typewriter "jumps". No arm for carriage returning and line interval moving. Whithout this arm typewriter was looking like personal computer's keyboard of nowadays. For compactness coil with ribbons is moved up on the decorative cover. German keyboard. Minimum quantity of keys - very economical for 4 line keyboard. No key for caps fixation. When typing capital letters and signs you need to hold shift key all along. No backspace key. No eszett ß (double s). Umlauts ä,ö,ü are only in lower case. Instead of digit 1 is letter I. Such minimalism doesn't let to remake typewriter to different language. Modest technical features of DM 5, Olympia-Filia don't let this typewriters to live long life. Some of 3 line portable typewriters served longer, because they had a lot of technical features.