About project


It is difficult to imagine a modern office without office equipment. That is all those computers, monitors, printers, scanners, fax machines, mobile phones, and all kinds of boxes with colorful lights and miles of cables connecting all of these devices. We stand on our own two feet on the journey towards the technical progress! We combine computer machines, creating something new out of it. Then we add new functions, making the device more complicated and as a result we cannot explain its main purpose. It is incomprehensible, how we were able to manage without these devices 20 years ago? So, what did people actually use in offices and studies 20...30...50 years ago? Let's take a look back 100 years!

Only forward!

Latvia 100 years ago. At that time the Industrial Revolution was taking place in Russian Empire. Lifland province is on the frontline of technical progress. The closeness of Europe does not leave any choice. The investments from foreign companies, banks, engineers, technicians and scientists are doing their jobs. A lot of plants and factories are being built in Riga during this time. Numerous merchandise of the Modern Europe, such as cars, planes, trains, cameras, bicycles, radios, and much more are launched into production here. It takes minimum of time from idea's appearance to it's implementation. The idea doesn’t even have time to be reflected on the technical drawings, as it has already been realized. Time feels like a tightly wound spring. It is vital to catch up with technically advanced Europe. The foreign management does deliver the results fast. Lifland province becomes the technological outstation of the Russian Empire!


What kind of technical equipment can we find in offices in those days? A quill pen and wooden abacus do not meet the technical progress requirements. The phone turned to be a pillar for fast communication. The typical items on the office table were: a typewriter, a duplicating machine, logarithmic ruler, mechanical calculator (arithmometer), stapler, hole punch, set of modern dip pens, inkwell. The Head of Office was entitled to have an ink pen! Pencils were sharpened using special mechanical sharpener. All the tools would correspond with latest technology. Well, now finally we got to our subject of interest – a typewriter.